Maldives Climate and Entry

The climate of Maldives is warm year round determined by the monsoons. However being on the equator the monsoons are mild and not as defined as in neighbouring countries. Of the two monsoons the southwest monsoon from May to October brings more rain and wind. The northeast monsoon from November to April, is the dry season with very little wind. The temperature varies little with an annual average daily maximum of 30.4 degrees Celsius and the minimum at 25.4 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall stood at just over 2,000 millimeters in 1994. In the same year the country with the equator running through it had over 2 500 hours of sunshine.

Maldives Climate and Weather

Maldives Entry

Almost all visitors to the Maldives arrive by air. Male International Airport situated in Hulhule island is just over a kilometer or about ten minutes by boat from Male, the capital. All visitors must have a valid passport. For visitors coming from yellow fever infected areas, an international certificate of inoculation is required. No visa is required in advance. A tourist visa of 30 days will be granted to all visitors with valid travel documents.

During the period December to March when most of the resort islands are full it is advised that all visitors have confirmed hotel reservations before arrival. However for the convenience of visitors without advance bookings a Tourist Information Counter is provided at the arrival hall through which a booking may be made. Hotel information is also required for immigration clearance. All visitors who enter the Maldives should be in possession of a return air-ticket and at least US$25 per intended day of stay in the Maldives.

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